Lighthouse Create Credentials

Click on Manage Credentials

In the snapshots tab , click on the cloud icon on the right side pane.

Lighthouse snapshot tab

Create New Cloud Credentials

Click New button on the Manage Credentials page. Three cloud providers are supported [Azure, GCP, Amazon S3]. Newly created credentials will be validated before creation.

Note You can create multiple credentials with the same set of details, each credential will generate a unique UUID.

Lighthouse new credentials

Azure Credentials

Provide the Account Name and Account Key to create credentals.

Lighthouse group snapshot

S3 Credentials

Provide the Access Key , Secret Key , Region and Endpointto create S3 credentials.

Note You can only create credentials using only one Region per cluster. Endpoint value is of type s3.<region-name>

Lighthouse group snapshot

Google Credentials

Provide the Project ID and JSON Key file to create credentals.

Lighthouse group snapshot

Last edited: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021