Install Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a GUI dashboard that can be used to monitor multiple Portworx clusters.

Any cluster running Portworx 1.4 or above can be added to Lighthouse. Lighthouse must have network access on ports 9001 - 9022 to the nodes in the Portworx cluster.

Start Lighthouse

Lighthouse runs as a Docker container.

sudo docker run --restart=always                            \
       --name px-lighthouse -d                              \
       -p 80:80 -p 443:443                                  \
       -v /etc/pwxlh:/config                                \

Visit http://{IP_ADDRESS}:login in the browser and login with admin/Password1

Adding a Portworx cluster

To add a Portworx cluster to Lighthouse, you will need the IP address of any one of the nodes in that cluster. Lighthouse will connect to that node and configure itself to monitor that cluster.

After your first login, go to ‘click here to add a Cluster to Light House’ -> Add cluster endpoint -> Verify. This should automatically fill in the cluster name and UUID. Once verified, click on attach.

NOTE: For the cluster endpoint, please provide the loadbalancer IP or the IP address of one of the nodes in the Portworx Cluster.

Lighthouse add new cluster

Deleting a Portworx cluster

Under the settings icon, click on Manage Clusters.

Lighthouse menu

Click on the trashcan link next to the cluster name in the cluster list. This will remove this cluster card from lighthouse cluster landing page

Lighthouse add new cluster

NOTE: This will not remove your cluster from your KVDB. This action just de-registers this cluster from Lighthouse.

Last edited: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021