Add licenses to your clusters using PX-Central on-prem

Your PX-Central on-prem deployment includes a highly-available license server and backup server by default. From PX-Central, you can add and manage licenses for any of your attached Portworx clusters.


  • You must have a valid Portworx license to add.
  • At least one Portworx cluster must be added to PX-Central.

Add a license to PX-Central

  1. From the PX-Central landing page, select the License icon to navigate to the License Entitlements page:

    Select the license icon

  2. Select the Licenses link to go to the license management page:

    Select the licenses link

  3. Select the Import License button:

    Select the import license button

  4. Paste your license key into the License Key text field or upload it from a file, and then select the Import License button to add your license:

    Add your license

Last edited: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021