View your cluster's cloud snapshots in PX-Central on-prem

Cloud snapshots reside on your cloud storage accounts. Thus, you must configure PX-Central to access and display them.


Display the list of your cloud snapshots in PX-Central on-prem

  1. From the PX-Central home page, select the Lighthouse icon:

    Select the Lighthouse icon

  2. Select your cluster, to go to the cluster details page:

    Select your cluster

  3. Select the Cloud Snapshots tab:

    Select the cloud snapshots tab

  4. Select the + icon:

    Add cloud credentials

  5. Select a cloud type from the Cloud Type radio group, enter the details of your cloud account at the expanded prompt, and then select the Submit button:

    Cloud account details

Once you’ve added your cloud storage credentials to PX-Central, it will display a list of the cloud snapshots located on cloud storage:

![The list of your cloud snapshots](/img/your-cloud-snapshots.png)

Last edited: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021