Monitor Portworx with Sysdig

Sysdig is a monitoring platform that allows you to monitor your Portworx cluster by running Sysdig agents on each node of your cluster.

In order to use Sysdig with Portworx, you must deploy both products onto your Kubernetes node.


  • You must have a Kubernetes cluster with Portworx installed on it

Deploy Sysdig on Kubernetes with Portworx

  1. Follow the Kubernetes Agent Installation Steps in the Sysdig documentation to deploy the following YAML files:

    • sysdig-agent-clusterrole.yaml
    • sysdig-agent-configmap.yaml
    • sysdig-agent-daemonset-v2.yaml
  2. Once you’ve deployed Sysdig, you must edit the Sysdig-agent-configmap.yaml file to enable Prometheus and configure the px processes to expose the metrics. Add the following fields to the Sysdig-agent-configmap.yaml file:

        enabled: true
        interval: 10
          - include:
              process.cmdline: "px"
                port: 9001
                path: "/metrics"

Save and restore Dashboards

You can save and restore your Sysdig dashboards on your Portworx cluster. Follow the steps in the Save and Restore Dashboards with Scripts section of the Sysdig documentation to download the scripts and review instructions for running them.

Last edited: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021