Preparing Portworx to upgrade to OpenShift 4.3 using the Operator

Before you can upgrade your OpenShift environment to 4.3, you must upgrade Portworx to 2.3.5 and expose a new port range so that Portworx can continue to operate. Perform the following steps to upgrade Portworx to 2.3.5 in preparation for upgrading your OpenShift environment:

  1. From the OpenShift console, upgrade the Portworx Operator to version 1.1.1 newer.

  2. Upgrade Portworx to 2.3.5.

  3. Verify that all of your nodes have upgraded to 2.3.5:

    oc get storagenode -n kube-system
    NAME     ID                                     STATUS   VERSION           AGE
    node-1   04904446-781b-4e12-b1ce-753a9e72dd49   Online   68s
    node-2   b7a9e162-3166-475f-af6b-3860a4dc2b06   Online   2m
    node-3   8c182888-280a-4738-abf8-3bccaadeb359   Online   3m
  4. Open the port ranges on your cloud provider and operating system to allow traffic on ports 17001 - 17020.

  5. Change your Portworx cluster’s start port:

    1. Enter the oc edit command to modify your storage cluster:

      oc edit -n kube-system <storagecluster_name>
    2. Change the startPort value in your StorageCluster spec to 17001:

      kind: StorageCluster          
        name: portworx            
        namespace: kube-system            
        startPort: 17001

Once Portworx is running on 2.3.5 and you’ve changed the port range, you may upgrade OpenShift to 4.3.

Last edited: Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021