Portworx Documentation


  • All customers should upgrade their Stork version

    For customers running 2.5.x versions of Stork, please upgrade to 2.6.x or later.

    These releases provide a critical fix related to PX-Motion and Portworx DR. Without this fix, there is a high risk that you will encounter unexpected results when OCP objects are restored on the destination. This could result in a loss of connectivity to core OCP services.

    Pure Storage is committed to ensuring your upgrade is successful. Please reach out to the Customer Success team support@portworx.com to schedule an upgrade or request the upgrade procedure for your environment.

  • Looking to upgrade to OpenShift 4.3?

    See the Preparing Portworx to upgrade to OpenShift 4.3 using the Operator article for instructions.

Portworx is a software defined storage overlay that allows you to

  • Run containerized stateful applications that are highly-available (HA) across multiple nodes, cloud instances, regions, data centers or even clouds
  • Migrate workflows between multiple clusters running across same or hybrid clouds
  • Run hyperconverged workloads where the data resides on the same host as the applications
  • Have programmatic control on your storage resources

Based on your environment, proceed to one of the below sections.

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